StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos

Haley & Stuart’s StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photography

Here is a photographer curated collection of photos from Haley and Stuart’s StoneTree Golf Club wedding photography. It was a beautiful winter wedding, and we were so happy we were able to be there for this lovely couple’s big day!

StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos
StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos
StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos
StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos
StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos
StoneTree Golf Club Wedding Photos

“Commit through the hard times, love through the good times and always abundantly share without reservation or strings attached, kindness, goodness, and hope to each other and everyone around you.”

 Photography: Apollo Fotografie
Venue: Stonetree Golf Club
Officiant: Glen Miller
Stationary: Basic Invite
Florals: Design with Flowers
Dress:  Etsy Shop – RIDTHISING
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
DJ: Steve Chavez
Dessert: Christian Roder from Krumbs Cakes
Catering: Wedgewood at Bay Club Stonetree

From the couple: 

We were high school sweethearts and met in his junior year and my sophomore year. Stuart and I have been together for about 10 years now. We got engaged at Shadowbrook in Aptos. It was in the hillside garden outside of the restaurant. When he proposed he accidentally opened the box upside down and the ring fell out. It was the most hilarious and adorable thing. Imperfect and completely perfect in every way.

The wedding and engagement rings are a set that go together. I’ve wanted them almost as long as I’ve known Stuart. They are from Nahoku’s waterfall collection. And he bought them since he knew I had loved them for so long.


I wanted a Victorian themed wedding. However, my primary goal was to make an atmosphere where people could feel the peace, joy, and beauty of Christmas. We wanted our guests to leave feeling better than when they came. You can see in these StoneTree Golf Club photos. I executed this by planning all year. I purchased candles, candle stands, thick ribbon, and LOTS of flowers (many of them velvet or roses), and two full bolts of velvet and sheer burgundy fabric to drape around the room using command hooks.

A lot of it had to do with making sure that I payed attention to details and didn’t skimp just because I didn’t want to do the work. However if I wanted everyone to enjoy the process I had to make certain that the set up was as easy and organized as possible so that even the set up crew could enjoy their time. Once all the planning and prepping and spreadsheets were done, executing it all with the help of wonderful family and friends was perfect.

Wedding Style:

I’ve always loved a Victorian/Kate Middleton style wedding dress. However I knew I didn’t want a super white dress. My gown was v neck with rose and ivory fabric, lace and long sleeves. I chose the veil to match the style of the dress (but besides that I’ve ALWAYS loved long veils). The groom’s and the groomsmen’s suits had tails to match the classic style in the Victorian era I was trying emulate. The bridesmaids wore long velvet gowns that had a rich luxurious feel.


I’ve always loved wood and enjoyed working with it, so when I discovered Sola flowers I knew that was what I wanted. Also it was practical and I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping flowers fresh before the wedding. All the flowers were handmade and shipped from Poland and were primarily roses with a couple other types in the bunch. The only difference between the brides bouquet and the bridesmaids was that the bride’s bouquet was primarily ivory and the bridesmaids were primarily burgundy. The same principal was applied to the boutonnières.

I wanted roses and LOTS of fabric to give it that warm Victorian feeling. The aisle had white roses with champagne gold bows and burgundy chiffon draped down the sides of the aisle. The arch had burgundy velvet draping the front and sheer burgundy chiffon in the back which highlighted the golden lanterns hung staggered throughout the center of the arch. I chose the inside of the venue location because of the warm feeling the room gave off. It was a perfect palette to paint. The room had large wood beams and light yellow paint which gave the space a warm winter lodge kind of feel.


The centerpieces were gold manzanita and gold icicles with red roses on top to make the piece pop! The base had assortments of flowers which covered the switch for the fairy lights that hung throughout the tree. At each place setting was a personalized handwritten note (as the wedding favor) telling each person what they have meant to us and how they have impacted out lives. Our first dance song was “how does a moment last forever” and we felt it really described our relationship. It’s not always easy, but we have always grown through the hard times. There has always been so much love and we are willing to put in the work. We want it to always be said about us even after we are gone that there was so much love that we gave to one another and to everyone with whom we interact.

We also had a sleigh and a hot cocoa table! A hot cocoa table to grab something to warm up, and a beautiful white and golden sleigh to take pictures on. Commit through the hard times, love through the good times and always abundantly share without reservation or strings attached, kindness, goodness, and hope to each other and everyone around you.


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From the photographer:

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