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Apollo Fotografie specializes in fine art wedding photography and cinematography that is both stylish and timeless. With this talented team of San Francisco and Palm Springs wedding photographers, you get the unique combination of multifaceted artists who are ready to capture your story in an authentic way. We take comfort in knowing each of our couples so when it's time to create, it's like we've known each other for years!

Andra and Liv

A little about our story

Upon meeting at a holiday party, Andra and Liv discovered that they had an instant aligning vision to how they approach photography. They are driven by human connection, trust, and recognize that genuine moments create the best art. They believe in creating a visual legacy through preserving your most cherished memories. From there, the stars all magically aligned and the two came together to continue the Apollo vision of authentic storytelling. These two can't wait to be part of your journey.

Meet Andra BLYTHE



EVERYONE HAS THEIR REASON WHY, THE DRIVING FORCE THAT FUELS YOU TO PURSUE YOUR DREams and to keep pushing harder, for me it has always been my kids. My journey into photography started as a young teen when my parents shipped me off to Spain for the summer. Little did I know what an impact this adventure would have on the course of my life. I packed very little, just some clothes and a newly purchased camera - a Canon rebel 2000. Stepping onto that plane all by myself with my camera in hand would have made most kids anxious, but I was genuinely brimming with excitement. New places to explore with people unknown filled me with a sense of adventure and I planned on documenting the entire experience. Spain did not disappoint, and I snapped my shutter ravenously during that summer as I traversed the country, awakening two separate passions in me: my love of travel (the more hidden and uncharted, the better) and my love of imagery. Travel continues to fuel my soul, and photography has been an amazing gateway into other cultures around the world, whether to satisfy my own wanderlust or to be part of someone else's journey.


"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."

- David Alan Harvey

meet liv

director of operations and client relations

my driving force is this:

What lives at your core?

What excites you in your day to day?

mine is connection...

I ache for authentic exchanges and sweet moments. Before photography, I was a musician. It gave me room to feel and make others feel. Picking up a camera was next.

Fun fact, I started at a New York fashion week. A happy accident. The photos I took in between filming runway, would lead me to be invited back a few more times. I take that draw to fashion and personal style, and apply it to my sessions with people.

Photographing people in different parts of the world and from different backgrounds excites me. I love meeting new people, somewhere fresh, and painting a picture together that is specific to that moment. The canvas is blank, yet we have all of the tools to capture something beautiful.

Hurricanes live at my core when I am gearing up to capture a new story, because truly, each couple and individual I meet is a new adventure for me.

I'm here to walk you, seamlessly, from start to finish in your wedding photography process.



All of the wedding photographers that work for Andra match her style seamlessly by using the same lenses, camera settings, & posing techniques to ensure every couple we work with receives a consistent set of images.


Favorite Quote:

“Things don't have to be extraordinary to be beautiful, even the ordinary can be beautiful.” — Wicker Park movie

Fun Fact about me:

i'm a lover of love, fun, and nostalgia. i enjoy long quiet walks up and down target aisles. i like to diy.. i sing really loudly and dance pretty crazy when i'm in a good mood (and to embarrass my husband). i love to cook and try new recipes. i’m obsessed with kids fashion. i love supporting small shops and appreciate handmade things. i’m a sucker for a beautiful sunset. i love a good cup (or two) of coffee or boba. i’m more dorky than i am hip. i’m an introvert-turned-extrovert within a few minutes of meeting, and i sometimes laugh like a hyena :)


Favorite Quote:

“Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment… Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life – and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you.”

Favorite TV Series:

Walking Dead, The HandMaid’s Tale

Little Known Fact:

I love animals. My retirement goal is to have a pet hotel. =)

I have a passion for creating art and an eye for detail, & I strive to create stunning images for clients in every shoot. I'm a published wedding photographer and my work can be found in Charleston Magazine, WNC Magazine, Charleston Weddings, House Calls, Grand Strand Magazine and Real Weddings Magazine.


Favorite Quote:“Always forward. Forward Always”

Fun fact: I acted for over 20 years, giving me a great sense of people and what makes them who they are.



Mix a little thirst for exploration with a sentimental heart - and you've got me. What started as a hobby photographing landscapes has now grown into a passion of preserving moments in life.

Wedding photography allows me to create and share my perspective meanwhile documenting the one of the most thought-out and important days of people's lives. I value deep connection and authenticity which I get to convey through my work.

I find inspiration in the eyes of people and am rewarded when they get to see themselves for the beautiful creations that they are.

Steal my heart any day with a Hawaiian plate lunch and some views ;)

Favorite Cereal:

Fruit Loops because they are good on donuts.


Pairing Apollo Fotografie cinematographers with your Apollo wedding photographers creates the perfect dream team.  Because of the intimacy of the team, we have all worked with each other many times before & know how to maximize the available angles at your wedding to capture the perfect moments.


Favorite Artists:

Billie Eilish, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Pixies

Favorite Food:


Little Known Fact:

I won America's Most Talented Kid on NBC when I was 10.

Cinematography is an art form that I have always admired. I enjoy the process of capturing touching moments betwen people who love each other. At the end of the day, I want to create something that you will forever cherish and remember.


My name is Jordan Skipper. I am a DP/Cinematographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in Alameda, California. I was a student athlete at UC Davis where I studied Managerial Economics and played football. I got married in 2019 at the Bridges Golf Course and my wife and are are new parents as of 2021.

I have experience shooting weddings, music videos, narrative shorts & more. My journey in filmmaking began in 2017 when my wife and I began traveling and creating videos highlighting our trips. The process of filmmaking captivated me so much I began taking classes and learning the art of cinematography. Now I use my camera to help people tell stories.

I like shooting weddings because they are stories of love. I get an opportunity to capture the most important day of a couple's life as they celebrate with the family and friends that witnessed their love blossom. I capture a mixture of natural raw emotions & cinematic moments. For the most part, I am a fly on the wall and couples don't even notice I am there.


Favorite Quote:

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

-Carl Sagan

Favorite Animal:

Peregrine Falcon. They almost went extinct in the last fifty years and they can fly up to 200mph!

Favorite Food:

Indian. All the different spices and flavors make every meal delicious.

Combining a fine art eye with journalistic techniques is how I approach documenting weddings.

We are always looking for talented people to join our creative team of San Francisco and Palm Springs wedding photographers & cinematographers!

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