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At the core, our team is efficient, well-organized, and equipped with a diverse portfolio to show what we can do for your wedding.
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We’re Apollo Fotografie. When it comes to visual storytelling, we don’t miss a beat. We prioritize organization, punctuality, and beauty so your wedding day looks better than your dreams.

At Apollo, inclusivity is one of our core values, and our couples come from all backgrounds. We know that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, and we’re here to help. All of our photographers use prompts and suggestions to encourage natural interactions for a less “scripted” feel. 

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A combination of multifaceted artists

the women behind apollo fotografie

Upon meeting at a holiday party, Andra and Liv discovered a shared vision of how photography should be. Driven by human connection and trust, they recognize that genuine moments create the best art. Their belief in creating a visual legacy through preserving your most cherished memories led them on a journey where the stars magically aligned, bringing them together to continue Apollo’s vision of authentic storytelling.

At Apollo Fotografie, we specialize in artistic wedding photography and cinematography that exudes both style and timelessness. With our talented team of San Francisco wedding photographers, couples experience a unique blend of multifaceted artists dedicated to capturing your story with effortless grace. We take comfort in establishing genuine connections with each of our couples, ensuring that when it’s time to create, it feels as though we’ve known each other for years. Trust us to transform your wedding day into an unforgettable visual narrative, preserving every cherished moment for generations to come.

Meet The Women Behind Apollo Fotografie - San Francisco Wedding Photographers

“Apollo Fotografie was by far THE best wedding photographer

My wife and I were recently married in San Francisco and choosing Apollo Fotografie was by far THE best wedding photographer in San Francisco we could have hired. The photos captured all of our special moments and we had so much fun during our session. The pictures captured precious moments of the day and we are so grateful to have them for the rest of our lives.”

– M+J

Meet Andra - Apollo Fotografie - San Francisco Wedding Photographers

meet andra

owner and photographer

The path to where I am today wasn’t a linear one, as most paths in life seldom are.

Everyone has their driving force, their why—the spark that ignites their dreams and propels them forward. For me, that force has always been my children. My journey in photography began as a young teenager when my parents sent me off to Spain for the summer. Little did I know the profound impact that adventure would have on my life. With minimal belongings—a handful of clothes and a freshly acquired Canon Rebel 2000—I embarked on that journey, my excitement outweighing any hint of apprehension. While most kids might have felt anxious stepping onto that plane alone, I was filled with anticipation. The promise of new places and unfamiliar faces ignited a sense of adventure within me, and I resolved to document every moment. Spain exceeded my expectations, and I eagerly clicked my shutter throughout that summer, discovering two passions: a love for exploration (the more hidden and uncharted, the better) and a passion for capturing moments in time. Travel remains a source of inspiration for me, and photography serves as a gateway to immerse myself in diverse cultures around the world, whether satisfying my own wanderlust or becoming part of someone else’s journey.



My driving force is this:
What lives at your core? What excites you in your day to day? Mine is connection…

I ache for authentic exchanges and sweet moments. Before photography, I was a musician. It gave me room to feel and make others feel. Picking up a camera was next.

Fun fact, I started at a New York fashion week. A happy accident. The photos I took in between filming runway, would lead me to be invited back a few more times. I take that draw to fashion and personal style, and apply it to my sessions with people.

Photographing people in different parts of the world and from different backgrounds excites me. I love meeting new people, somewhere fresh, and painting a picture together that is specific to that moment. The canvas is blank, yet we have all of the tools to capture something beautiful.

Hurricanes live at my core when I am gearing up to capture a new story, because truly, each couple and individual I meet is a new adventure for me.

Meet Liz - Apollo Fotografie - San Francisco Wedding Photographers

We Love Being Here With You

We can’t wait to tell YOUR story

We live by the David Alan Harvey quote, “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” That’s our goal from the moment you book with us.

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Meet Andra and Liz - Apollo Fotografie - San Francisco Wedding Photographers





San Francisco Wedding Photographers – Apollo Fotografie is seeking passionate individuals to join our creative family. Whether you specialize in wedding photography, cinematography, or both, we welcome applications from those who share our commitment to excellence and storytelling. Join us in creating unforgettable memories and expanding your skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Apply now and become a part of the Apollo Fotografie team!

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