Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

So, you and your partner have decided to write your own vows to exchange on your wedding day. It’s sweet. It’s romantic. It’s… harder than you thought it would be… Putting pen to paper often inspires writer’s block before anything else, especially when you know your words are literally intended to be heard aloud by the love of your life. No pressure, right? Right. Ok. First things first: take a deep breath, because we’re here to help. Here are Apollo’s Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows to get you started!

            • Tell a short version of your love story
            • Tell your partner what you love about them
            • Don’t be afraid of a little humor
            • Make a declaration of your promises in partnership
            • Set intentions for your future together
            • Don’t stress!


  • Tell a short version of your love story.

Take a journey back in time and remember how you met, or your first date, and go forward from there. What are some of the standout moments? Maybe the moment you “knew” they were the one you wanted forever, or your first trip together. Perhaps they taught you something new, or helped you achieve a personal goal? Giving your perspective on your journey to where you are now is a sweet way to let your partner know how much your presence in their life matters to you.


  • Tell your partner what you love about them.

Make this personal. Include the things that are unique to them or that maybe only you would know or notice. What are the things they do, or bring to your life that you can’t imagine living without?


  • Don’t be afraid of a little humor.

Of course you want your vows to be touching, and heartfelt. Just don’t forget, you can be romantic AND funny. Yes, you love the way their eyes look in the soft light of sunset, and the way they flinch prematurely when they know the scary part is coming in the movie.


  • Make a declaration of your promises in partnership. 

How do you plan to support your partner in your relationship, and also as an individual human? Tell them you love them, and then tell them how you plan to love them in the future; in actionable ways, like choosing them every day, and allowing them to show up exactly as they are, or doing the things you know they hate to do, like catching the spiders.


  • Set intentions for your future together.

Share dreams you have for your life with them. From quiet date nights in, to grand adventures, and anything in between; what are some key elements you imagine in partnership moving forward in your lives together? Do you see yourselves retiring in Florida, or buying a ranch and adopting 20 dogs?



  • Don’t stress! 

How the words feel is more important than your writing skills. You can always add on… you have the rest of your lives to make sure they know what they mean to you. If you feel a little stuck, or don’t know where to start, here’s a few ideas to help you get in the right mindset. 

  • Inspiration:
    • Listen to songs that make you think of them 
    • Look through photos of your favorite memories
    • Observe them in your daily life with intention and notice the things that make you smile. 
    • Try to imagine your life without them, what would you miss the most? 


“True love stories never have endings”

 Photography: Apollo Fotografie

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