The Ten Best Places to Propose In The Bay Area

July 21, 2019

The Ten Best Places to Propose In The Bay Area

So you’ve found the one. Great! Now it’s time to pick the perfect place to propose. We’ve rounded up the ten best places to propose in the Bay Area so you can start forever off on the right foot. From the picturesque to the perfectly quirky, we’ve got something for every type of romantic!

The Conservatory of Flowers is one of the best places to propose for plant and flower lovers alike!

1. Conservatory of Flowers

For anyone with a green thumb or a love of flowers, there is no better place than the Conservatory of Flowers. Featuring a lush assortment of plants and flowers from around the world, this ornate and expansive greenhouse is the perfect place to propose! Depending on the time of year you can also catch their stunning dahlias happily blooming outside in the sun if you want a little more privacy. And the best part? The Conservatory also hosts weddings, so you can return to say your “I dos” right where your marriage journey began!

Kristen and Thomas' Treasure Island Engagement, places to propose #2

2. Treasure Island

This formal naval base has absolutely stunning views of the bay and is the perfect place to propose or stage engagement photos. This man made island situated in the bay boasts stunning sunrise and sunset views, perfect for those beautiful ‘golden hour’ shots of your proposal. Treasure Island is also known for various art installations, so you never know what kind of magic you’ll find.

Jenna and Kun's Baker Beach engagement photo, places to propose in the San Francisco Bay Area #3

3. Baker Beach: The Classic San Francisco Lovers’ Place to Propose

Nothing says San Francisco like the Golden Gate Bridge, and Baker Beach offers stunning views of the bay! Not only that but you get to combine the fun and romantic feel of frolicking on a beach to make for a truly memorable and meaningful proposal.  If your love is all about the dramatic scenery, then this is a great spot to ask for their hand.

Michael and Joe's Land's End Engagement, places to propose #4

4. Land’s End

If you want a stunning view, a hike, and little more privacy, then Land’s End is your best bet. With a similar but way more breathtaking view than Baker Beach of the Golden Gate Bridge, this spot will make for a spectacular choice for those who both love nature and the big city. Swoon!

Strawberry Hill

5. Strawberry Hill: When You Want Lots Of Options and Activities For the Day You Propose

If you’re looking to make a day of your proposal, Strawberry Hill has a variety of elements to make this a truly choice location. You can picnic, visit the waterfall, check out the Golden Gate Pavilion, hike it’s numerous trails, bird watch, and paddle boat, to name a few. There are lots of great locations to propose at, and spectacular views to gaze out upon as you look out on the horizon, full of anticipation of a happy future together.

Maya and Anthony's Lover's Lane at the Presidio Engagement photos, places to propose in the Bay Area #6

6. Lover’s Lane at the Presidio

This appropriately named spot is enchantingly lined with well established Eucalyptus trees, and features four art installations by world renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy just off the path.  Whether the weather is warm and sunny or famously foggy, the cozy and intimate feel of Lover’s Lane is absolutely swoon-worthy, making it a favorite spot to propose for Bay Area lovebirds.

Teresa and Stanley's Engagement Session, places to propose #7

7. Palace of Fine Arts: Art Lovers’ Favorite Place To Propose

For the art and architect lover alike, the Palace of Fine Arts is a stately and impressive spot will make for both a memorable day and memorable photos of your proposal. There is a large pavilion surrounded by a water feature, as well as lots of towering architectural elements to explore!

DIY Hike: Hawk Hill: People, Birds Flock for Views | Greenbelt Alliance

8. Hawk Hill

Hawk Hill is a spectacular spot and a must for nature lovers! With stunning views of both the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge, there is no better place to propose. You’ll leave feeling both literally and figuratively ‘on top of the world’.

Big Sur is one of the best places to propose for nature lovers!

9. Big Sur: The Nature Lover’s Ultimate Place To Propose

Big Sur is known for it’s spectacular views, unspoiled coastlines, and rugged vibes. Perfect for a day trip, you can soak up the sun, hike in enchanting redwood forests, or camping in one of the many public and private campsites that Big Sur has to offer.

Ina Coolbrith Park, San Francisco, California, places to propose #10

10. Ina Coolbrith Park: The Quiet, Laidback Place to Propose

Ina Coolbrith Park is a quiet, low key park is great for when you want to feel like you’re out of the city, but still have the great views that can be found at the top of the park. If you’re lucky, you may happen upon the Telegraph Hill parrots nesting in nearby trees. We can’t think of anything more magical or memorable as far as places to propose are concerned!

Places to propose in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Of course, this is just a small offering of all the amazing spots in the Bay to propose to your one and only, but we hope we’ve gotten your romantic gears turning a bit and wish you the best of luck on your marriage journey!


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