Jennifer & Robert’s Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography

Here is a photographer curated collection of photos from Jennifer and Robert’s Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse wedding photography. It was such an amazing day and we were so happy we were able to be there for this sweet couple!

Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography
Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography
Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography
Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography
Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography
Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse Wedding Photography

“You can literally have everything in your wedding but you need to stick to your goals and remember what was important to the both of you in the very beginning. And obviously at the end of the day, remember that the most important thing is to have FUN, enjoy the company of your loved ones, and take little moments to soak it all in with your spouse. It is truly the best day of your lives.”

 Photography: Apollo Fotografie
Venue: Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse
Hair & Make up: The Glam Bar Inette Montes
Florals: A Loves In Bloom Valerie
Dress: Gesinee’s Bridal 
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse 
Dessert: The Cakemaker
Other: The Lucky Devils Band

From the couple: 

Our wedding was definitely more for our family and guests. If it were up to us, we probably would have just wanted to take a big trip and get hitched, but we knew that we also wanted to share in this once in a lifetime celebration with our family and friends. Everything about our wedding was catered to make sure our guests had fun and ate well.

Wedding Florals:

I wanted very organic rusty rose and greens arranged for my bridal bouquet. I wanted pieces to fall out organically in every direction. The wedding arch also had the same florals adorned throughout which you can see in our Presidio Golf Course & Clubhouse wedding photography.

Wedding Music & Dance:

I really wanted a romantic feel to our ceremony so we decided to have a harpist play. She was amazing and I really loved just that harp sound, simple and elegant. We also took dance lessons for our first dance. We always had a great time during our “date night” dance lessons, but when we finished our first dance, we were so happy we invested all that time. Our guests really loved seeing us dance and we really enjoyed putting it all together. I also wanted a live band because it just changes the atmosphere so much. I am so glad I did, I LOVE live music and everyone loved dancing to it.

Wedding Style:

It was hard to choose my wedding dress. I went in thinking I wanted a certain type but I ended up getting a mermaid/trumpet style that I never would have thought I would like. In the end, it was a gorgeous dress that I couldn’t take off. I loved beading all throughout my dress which is what it had. Also, I wanted a train as well to add to the dramatic look.

I got beautiful jewelry to go with my look and even a veil. I didn’t know if I wanted to cover my face with the veil during the processional but in the end I just did it and I’m so glad I did.

Our Story:

One Thanksgiving, I decided to not go home to be with family and instead just stay at school and get some stuff done while I have some time off. My friend invited me to go out with her the night before Thanksgiving and we just happened to run into all of her high school friends. I met a lot of people that night but Robbie was the one who came to chat with us for the entire night.

I instantly knew I wanted to get to know him more than just our chance encounter that night. Unfortunately, he didn’t catch on to my hints so we left that night without exchanging numbers and I figured I would never see him again. A month or so later, we matched on Tinder and I messaged him instantly hoping he remembered who I was. He then finally decided to ask me out and our relationship just took off from there!

The Proposal:

When we went to Lake Tahoe for a family ski trip, he took me to see the sunset on the lake after a day of snowboarding and was trying really hard to find the perfect spot. That’s when I caught on to what he is trying to do. We finally found a spot that he was happy with and he proposed on the beach with the sunset. I pretty much blacked out at that moment but I remember it was the sweetest thing ever.

Highlights from the day & advice:

I was not that excited to write my own vows, almost skipping saying them. But in the end I decided to pour my heart out in my vows and I always anticipating if I would be able to read my vows at all without crying. When I started, I already started crying, I quickly had to think of something funny in my head so that I can keep reading them without losing it. Eventually, I read it without losing it too much.

I also was highly anticipating our first dance as we have been practicing and almost stressing about it, but it was so wonderful to be able to do our dance and to see our guests enjoy it as well. My advice would be to definitely start early and do a little at a time. Giving yourself enough time will make it less stressful. Pick a few things that are important to both of you and make sure you incorporate that in the wedding and allow for it in your budget. Everything else needs to just be forgotten.

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From the photographer:

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