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Minimony Vs. Micro Wedding: Why This Small Wedding Trend May Be Just What You’re Looking For

Even before covid hit in 2020, smaller weddings had become a hot new trend. Fast forward to 2021, and here we are, a glut of postponed weddings leaving couples in a lurch. Enter the small weddings trend of the minimony and the micro wedding.

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If you’re unfamiliar with either of these new wedding trends, lets break down the differences between these newer ceremony styles.

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The Minimony: The Smaller of The Small Wedding Trend

Minimonies are one step beyond eloping. Unlike an elopement consisting of just the couple, a witness and an officiant, a minimony is typically shared with a very small, select group of people, usually up to about 10 guests.

So why only 10 guests? This number is the typical max social gathering size recommended by state health departments and the CDC. Even after the vaccine rollout, this small number of guests can be absolutely perfect. A guest list of ten is great for tight budgets or those with family and friends reluctant to travel.

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The small size of this wedding trend also helps couples skip the long wait lists for venues and they can instead opt for opulent and intimate backyard soirees or quick vacation rental getaways. The small guest list can allow for couples who had budget for a more traditional wedding to go high end on food and beverages, go crazy with flowers, splurge on a designer dress, or whatever else feels right to celebrate in style after months of lockdowns and uncertainty.

If you want to get married before the end of the year, go with a minimony. Just be sure to plan a big celebratory bash at a later date. This can be easier for you and your guests, especially if you’re like me and have a lot of friends that work in both healthcare and education. A bunch of stressed guests might not feel like dancing now, but in a year or so-fingers crossed-we’ll all hopefully be in a place where can party the night away without a care.

Small Wedding Trend: Bride and bride holding hands after ceremony with small micro wedding cheering them on the background, outside in the San Francisco Bay Area

Micro Weddings: A Pint Size Version Of A Traditional Wedding

Micro weddings fall somewhere between a minimony and a huge “my-big-fat-Greek-wedding” style event. Maxing out at 50 guests, a micro wedding has all or most of the traditional elements of a regular wedding.

The benefit of this pared down guest list? A wider venue list. Since this year and next will see almost double the number of couples trying to tie the knot after a year of cancelled and pushed back weddings, competition for venues has gotten fierce, so the more options you can give yourself the better.

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This small wedding trends also allows for splurges that would be impossible with a 200-person guest list. Couples planning a micro wedding can focus on more high-end beverage offerings and more upscale food choices.

Have feuding aunts? A cousin with questionable employment? That one person you just never quite clicked with in your friend group? Now you don’t have to think twice about whether or not to invite them. Paring down the guest list means couples can be more selective on who they invite, which can lead to a less stressful, more enjoyable day surrounded by your most favorite friends and family. Whew! Yet another reason to love this wedding trend!

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If you’re recently engaged and feeling the small wedding trend, we say: Go for it! Or, if you unwilling to wait two or three years for the perfect venue, you may have no other choice. Either way, these two trends are a new way to celebrate your love and throw the wedding of your practical dreams, for better or worse!


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