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2021 Wedding Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of


2021 has been an interesting year for weddings. Couples looking to get married in 2020 had to repeatedly postpone and cancel their weddings. But now, weddings are ON. The Bay Area is about to be bursting with quirky, non-traditional, and overjoyed omg-it’s-finally-happening feels this summer! Here are the 2021 trends we can’t get enough of this wedding season.

Here are a few of the wedding trends we can’t wait to see, and photograph, this year!

Bride and groom on motorcycle in San Francisco bay area

Minimonies and Micro Weddings: A Little Wedding Trend With Big Appeal

Minimonies and micro weddings are essentially pint sized versions of the real deal. These scaled down weddings were beginning to gain momentum before the pandemic hit. Now, they’ve firmly rooted themselves in the matrimony landscape for their flexibility, budget friendliness, and practicality. Throwing a wedding with a limited guest list allows couples to celebrate with a select group of their favorite people. This allows for less stress, more fun, and more memorable moments and time to connect after a year spent apart. Yes, please!

Colorful wedding bouquet flowers of orange, white, and pink from a San Francisco bay area florist

Bountiful Blooms: A Fragrant and Colorful Wedding Trend

No matter the size of the wedding, couples are going all out on flowers with showy displays of bountiful blooms. Whether it’s oversized arrangement, plentiful amounts of flowers for décor, bold and bright colors, and exotic and delicate varieties, it’s on. All are fair game this year and we could not be more in love this wedding trend.  Oversized bouquets, collar climbing boutonnieres, and overstuffed vases adorning wedding tables are everywhere this year!

Bride in white and pink colored dress with groom kissing surrounded by alpacas in a field in the bay area

Breaking Up With Traditional Wedding Dresses and Tuxes: A Joyful New Wedding Trend

This year has also seen a trend in color accented and embroidered dresses, ombre dresses, and even bold bright colors for brides. Instead of traditional wedding dresses, brides are seeking out fun texture, unusual shapes, and any other way to express their a unique sense of style.  All these eye-catching design choices are breath of fresh air after a pretty dark year. They’re also an expression that brides are ready celebrate, live life to the fullest, and show off a larger trend of women everywhere doing what they want rather than what’s expected of them. For men, colored and textured tuxedos and suits such as velvet, seersuckers, tweed and twill, as well as a more casual dress code is trending. We are all about that variety, baby! And don’t forget the anything goes color and pattern trends for ties, bowties, and beyond. Yes, yes, and yes!

Bride and groom exchanging wedding rings during a backyard wedding in bay area

Outdoor Weddings and Backyard Bliss: Love With A Dose Of Vitamin D

Outdoor Weddings and backyard parties are our favorite of new wedding trends. We are ALL about that natural light-hello golden hour! But this trend is amazing for a host of other reasons. Intimate backyard weddings give guests a more relaxed experience as well as help them connect to a sense of nature. For those of us who have been working from home it gets us out into the world into the sunlight after all that time spent in front of a ring light! Outdoor weddings are also great for killer nighttime lighting set ups. Clusters of votives, delicate LED wire lights, or hanging Edison bulb string lights can create a superbly romantic and ephemeral setting when the sun goes down.

Groom wearing a purple suit and groom wearing green tuxedo with bowtie in the San Francisco bay area.

Bold Color and Eclectic Style Choices: A Rainbow Of Style Possibilities

Speaking of those cozy little backyard weddings, they’re the perfect time to break out a cheerful color scheme. Mismatched chairs, dishes, and any other combination of all your favorite things at once is a look we’re loving. There really are no rules this year, and couples are going all in on making their weddings feel inviting, relaxing, and intimate. We’re seeing backyard picnic spreads, lush velvet pillows adorning antique benches, brightly colored glassware. You never know what you’re going to come across this wedding season. We hope this perfectly imperfect wedding trend continues!

Fruit, cheese, and nuts on a decorative wood slice at a brunch themed wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area

Brunch Weddings: A Seriously Genius Idea For Those Who LOVE Brunch!

Another bucking of traditional wedding trends, the brunch wedding is another ingenious wedding trend born out of this crazy modern era we’re in. Whether this is a way for venues to squeeze two weddings into one day or if this was born out of a love of mimosas, we don’t care. We’ve missed long decedent brunches with our besties. Frankly, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate a union than with avocado toast and bubbly. We can’t wait RSVP yes to a brunch wedding!

A beautiful bride holding an orange bouquet and groom in a black and white tuxedo holding hands and standing in the middle of the street in the San Francisco Bay Area

While we love all of these trends and hope they’re here to stay, we could see a whole new set of trends by the end of the year. And that’s what makes weddings so special for us. Year after year we get to see how our society is changing for the better. As weddings get more and more unique, couples will continue to shake off antiquated or maybe not so great trends-we’re looking at you garter toss. We feel the collective joy of people living their truth, celebrating their love, and expressing themselves in a way they’ve never been able to before. 

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