Impress Your Bride by Taking Care of These Wedding Tasks

Impress Your Bride by Taking Care of These Wedding Tasks

So the big day has finally arrived. You have dusted off that three-piece suit and shined those shoes. But what do you need to take care of on your wedding day to score those brownie points? We’re here to help you impress your bride by taking care of these wedding tasks.

Grooms listen up. Before you get suited and booted there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Firstly, if you love flower power then consider getting your hands dirty and arranging a florist.

Whether it’s a recommendation or you have used a website for those last-minute Valentine’s posies, this is one major aspect of any wedding. Therefore, if there are any green-fingered grooms among you, sorting out flowers for the big day would relieve some of that female tension.

Yet, there are a plethora of other areas ensuring your other half will be eternally grateful. Unlike David Bowie, don’t feel under pressure with our roundup of the most integral tasks to impress your blushing bride

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover


It’s not just the bride that will have a lasting impact at your wedding. One of the other most user-friendly areas grooms can focus on is finding a wedding guestbook. Make the ideal impression among your guests as they leave their everlasting messages for the happy couple.

And there are different types of alternative wedding guestbooks available. The concept is very much the same and has been set in stone for hundreds of years. From well wishes for the future to long-lasting memories of your soiree, guests can etch their statements for years to come.

Furthermore, a guestbook is not just for one night. Pimp your book and it will easily fit into any home interior serving as a treasured memento of your joyous occasion.

Say Thanks to Your Crew


One of the ultimate tasks for grooms is to show some man love for their best men. A fist bump is not enough. Requiring as much thought as a grand chess master, picking your groomsmen is an unenviable task. But how do you go about thanking them in style?

Like a football coach, you have to make the cut when choosing your men. And once you have them on your side, you need to account for how you intend to reward them. Stuck for inspiration?

There are a plethora of groomsmen gift sites and groomsmen gift source offering an array of personalized keepsakes to give to your loyal bros. Plus, you can tailor your presents to your buddies’ likes and dislikes.

For drinks addicts, think about custom whiskey shot glasses, cocktail making kits or beer mugs. Nerdy groomsmen may like superhero socks or lego cufflinks while fiendish foodies can benefit from a personalized BBQ spatula set.

Are any of your gang goo goo for gridiron? How about a stainless steel NFL money clip, a locker room canvas or NFL dog tag necklace for that extra bit of bling.

If you take care of this, it will certainly be one less thing for your bride to worry about. Meanwhile, your buxom buddies can take away a treasured memory of your big day that they can look back on with great fondness. Ain’t that sweet.

Come Dine With Me!


Now this is definitely one job for the boys! Fancy yourself as a budding Gordon Ramsay? Don’t forget the role of food which plays an integral part in any special event.

Hit the right culinary spot and your wedding guests will lap up what is served up. Hit a bum note and you will leave people feeling somewhat bewildered and disappointed.

Cater to each and every one of your guests. It doesn’t matter if they are wheat intolerant or dairy-free. Whatever the scenario, there are tonnes of articles and top tips to plan a wedding meal with your venue. Alternatively if you are rolling in it,, discuss a menu with a private chef.

Perhaps you and your love share a passion for all things food. Maybe there’s nothing more you prefer than whipping up a feast after a long slog in the office. Don’t be a groomzilla about it though and heed any guidance from your better half.

Make it seasonal, make it local and of course fresh. However, being in charge of this important task means your bride can also focus on looking even prettier when the time arrives.

Let Me Entertain You

That’s right folks we all need a little bit of entertainment to get the party started. When it comes to the big occasion, grooms can take care of this element so the atmosphere continues well into the wee hours.

There are many articles and tips on how to hire a band. After all, if you get this right, you will fill the floor more times than your champagne flute. Get it wrong and your guests will talk about your big bash for all the wrong reasons.

It does depend on your specific musical taste and requirements. Choose from a big swing band ideal for big events such as weddings or a three-piece group for more intimate affairs. You can even hire a wedding DJ to create a special occasion and organise some of your most loved tunes.

The show must go on and picking someone who has been recommended and credible means you will be in good hands for the entire evening. And you are in control so you can create your own playlist according to your bride’s discerning taste.


“True love stories never have endings”


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