5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Planning Your Luxury Wedding

As Event Professionals, we know that there’s a lot to consider when planning your luxury wedding. So much that you might forget about details that tend to be the most important! We’ve surveyed couples all around and these are the 5 top things you don’t want to forget about:


First Things First, Get That Marriage License!

Amongst all of the things you might be forget when planning your wedding, the marriage license is the most important one. It grants you eligibility to host your ceremony, and for the “I do.”

State laws require couples to obtain a permit to get married and host a ceremony to fraternize this moment. Note: A marriage license is only a permit to get married, and you are not married until an authorized person performs a ceremony.

The marriage license has two types: public and confidential. For more details about marriage license requirements, check your county/city hall website.

** Amid lockdown, “I do,” is still valid in some states via Zoom. California and New York allow couples now to obtain their marriage license remotely. For more information about your state requirements for the license issuance, visit your County Portal.

Don’t Forget That Trial-Run!

Now, it is time to open your folder saved on Pinterest and ask your hairstylist to do some trials before your big day. It is a crucial stage of your wedding planning because you want to spend your time looking for a professional that aligns with your hair and makeup desires on the big day. It might take you to different professionals to find the one you trust, but you will ensure you have the best one.

Get that DIY Emergency Wedding Kit ready!

Something unexpected might happen on your wedding day, and you want to be ready when it happens. To prepare for those scenarios, have your maid of honor, make an emergency kit, and carry with her to your big day. The kit should include essential items such: bobby pins, lint roller, travel size makeup for retouching, deodorant, sewing kit, tide pen, medicine (painkillers, anxiety meds, etc..), cough drops and/or gums.

Become A Social Media Guru!

The presence of social media for millennials is essential and in need of every event hosting. The audience of your event is connected now more than ever. One way to make your event stand out on social media is creating hashtags dedicated to your event. Another tip is to have a photo booth at your wedding, so guests can take their pictures and have their photo customized with your event # print.

Gratuity for Event Staff~

Many brides had similar questions regarding whether or not they should give gratuity for the event staff.

The package for the venue includes their service (paid by the hour or salary depending on the firm). However, gratuity is always welcome to compensate for their hard work in making all guests satisfied.

** Note: prepare an envelope with cash to give employees if you are going to provide a gratuity. Make sure you give a reasonable amount to everyone working for your event.


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