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Recommended Photography and Videography Schedule for Your Wedding Day

This simplified schedule generally applies to most weddings but usually differs in some aspects per couple.

8a – Hair & Makeup

12p –  Apollo Fotografie Arrives




4p – Ceremony begins



5:30p – Grand entrance

6p – Dinner

6:30p – Toasts

6:45p– First dances

7p –  Party time!

7:30p – Cake cutting

8p – Depart

Here’s a more detailed version of the same timeline to help you with your planning process

8:00a – Hair & Makeup arrive for Couple (if applicable).  The couple is done first, followed by bridesthems &/or groomstheys.

11:30a – Both spouses’ suites are cleaned (make bed & clear clutter). Layout all details in preparation for Apollo Fotografie to arrive including by not limited to: dresses, stationery, rings, tuxedos, shoes, bowties, jewelry, etc.

12:00p – Apollo Fotografie arrives for final hair & makeup touches on the couple

12:30p – 1st photographer & videographer capture Spouse One getting dressed

12:30p – 2nd photographer & videographer capture Spouse Two getting dressed

1:00p – 1st photographer/videographer capture Spouse One wedding party portraits

1:00p – 2nd photographer/videographer capture Spouse Two wedding party portraits

2:00p – First look between the couple & then couple’s portraits

2:30p – Wedding party portraits – all together now!

2:45p – Immediate family portraits (parents, siblings)

3:00p – Set up ceremony space & details are 100% finished & are ready to be photographed with no guests present

3:30p -The couple takes a break & hides from guests

4:00p – Wedding ceremony begins

4:30p – Extended family portraits begin immediately after the ceremony. Factor in 3-5 minutes of time per group

4:30p – Second photographer photographs cocktail hour & other guests

5:00p – Epic magic hour (aka sunset) photography session!

5:00 – Set up reception space & details are 100% finished & are ready to be photographed with no guests present

5:45p – Grand entrance that leads into the first dance

6:00p – The couple eats & all the wedding vendors eat at the same time. We require a complete hot meal (protein, vegetable, & carbohydrate w/ beverage) as well as 20 minutes of uninterrupted, restorative, & peaceful silence

6:15p- Toasts, parent dances, & other activities begin

7:00p -Dance floor opens up – let’s get this party started!

7:30p – The last event that you photographed of the night should happen 30 minutes prior to Apollo Fotografie’s end time (like cake cutting, sparkler exit, etc)

7:45p – Last call for photos & videos

8:00pm – Apollo Fotografie leaves


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