Jillian and Michael

Redwood Grove Botanical Gardens sf Engagement Photos

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Redwood Grove Botanical Gardens San Francisco Engagement Photography by

Apollo Fotografie


Read the letter from the photographer


Jillian and Michael’s Redwood Grove Botanical Gardens sf Engagement Photography is one of our all time favorites! Love and joy permeated these Redwood Grove Botanical Gardens sf Engagement Photos from start to finish. We feel that these photos were really able to capture the excitement felt by Jillian and Michael. They were in their element, and their personalities shined through. We could tell how important nature and being outdoors was to Jillian and Michael. They brought along some picnic supplies, and were very well prepared for the shoot 😉 They looked truly comfortable in the setting, and their happiness translated so well into the photographs. We feel lucky to have been able to share those moments with Jillian and Michael!

Jillian looked absolutely divine in front of the green trees in her red shirt, and Michael’s rugged aura coupled perfectly with her presence. We captured some great moments as they paused on a lush wooden bridge. They leaned up against giant redwood trees and kissed in the rays of sunlight that penetrated the forest. Such a beautiful couple AND setting! Jillian and Michael looked incredible in the warm tones of the afternoon, and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of their beautiful engagement photos. It was a perfect day! Here’s to an equally wonderful wedding day filled with warmth and love.