Napa Engagement Photos

Aleshia & Andrew’s Charming Vineyard Engagement Session

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Napa Engagement Photography by

Apollo Fotografie

_____________________________________ Read the letter from the photographer _____________________________________

We had such a lovely time shooting Aleshia & Andrew’s Napa Engagement photos. The photo shoot was really tailored to Aleshia & Andrew’s lifestyle and individual personalities. We began at their families tin barn, which was not only a beautiful backdrop for portraits, but was also a meaningful location to start the shoot. They cuddled on bail of hay, and looked so undeniably happy holding each other and laughing. It was contagious! We moved to a lush green trees to continue the shoot as the sky filled with a perfect mixture of blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Aleshia’s stripped dress paired perfectly with the red wine and olive trees. As the sun began to set, rey’s of the sun hit perfectly on the tops of the olive trees making it the perfect light to capture Aleshia and Andrew’s love. They looked so beautiful standing in front of the grape vines. Aleshia and Andrew seemed so comfortable together in front of the camera, we knew that we captured real, raw emotion. The sun shone through the trees, and surrounded the couple as they embraced under the large family tree overlooking the Napa Valley