Victoria And Dave’s Long Branch Saloon Wedding Photography

November 29, 2014

Victoria & Dave

Long Branch Saloon Wedding Photography

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Long Branch Saloon wedding photography by Apollo Fotografie

You can learn more about this awesome venue here:




Read the letter from the photographer:


Victoria and Dave were the perfect bride and groom! I had such an amazing time shooting the photographs for their wedding at Long Branch Saloon in Half Moon Bay; what an awesome venue! Long Branch Saloon was rustic and charming, complete with a stagecoach and adorable farm animals. It lent an absolutely perfect backdrop for their big day.

Along with Victoria’s fabulous wedding dress and shoes and Dave’s shiny cowboy boots, the venue was perfectly decorated, lending to the theme of their western-inspired wedding. The weather was perfect for the outdoor reception and fun activities. There were tons of great games to play, including poker in the saloon!

Their big day was everything that the bride and groom could have wanted. Their guests had a blast and so did I. Thank you, Victoria and Dave, for sharing your amazing day with me!!!