Lisa and Michael’s Shakespeare Garden Engagement Photography

February 2, 2016

Shakespeare Garden Engagement Photography

Lisa & Michael’s Fall’in in Love Engagement Photos


Read the letter from the photographer


We had such a lovely time shooting Lisa and Michael’s Shakespeare Garden Engagement Photography The photo shoot was really tailored to  Lisa and Michael’s lifestyle and individual personalities. We started at Shakespeare Garden, which is a beautiful backdrop for portraits, but was also a meaningful location to start the shoot. They walked hand in hand, and looked so undeniably happy holding each other and laughing. It was contagious! They brought along a book of sonnets to add to the fun and to make the shoot so entirely their own! We felt honored to explore their interests and capture their passion in these photos!

We moved to the windmills to continue the shoot, the colors of their outfits really popped from their green surroundings. As the shoot neared it’s end you could really feel how Michael adores Lisa. The way  Lisa and Michael  looked at each other when they were together gave us chills. The love they felt was undeniable and passionate, and we have the photos to prove it! We are so happy for  Lisa and Michael, and we couldn’t have been happier with the photos! We wish them an eternity of love stories and sonnets!

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