Ariel and Ira’s Lands End Engagement Photography

June 30, 2015

Ariel & Ira

Lands End Engagement Photography

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Ariel and Ira’s Lands End engagement photography by Apollo Fotografie

Ariel and Ira’s Lands End engagement photography was such a pleasure to shoot. The couple was amazing to work with, and we felt lucky to have been able to capture their love in these photos. This particular day in San Francisco was a little bit overcast, which made for beautiful lighting and a moody feel. Ariel and Ira were able to really stand out from the dimly lit backdrop, which made them look absolutely amazing. We began the shoot in the trees, with Ariel and Ira looking very comfortable and natural with each other in the beautiful outdoor setting. The way they smiled when they looked at each other, and the joy they felt when embracing was captured so wonderfully in these photographs.

When Ariel put on her bright pink dress, the couple popped even more! It was a beautiful juxtaposition to the faded greys, browns and greens of their surroundings. The photo shoot remained lighthearted and fun as we laughed and cracked jokes. We walked down to the water’s shore and Ariel changed into a long, flowing, blue dress. The way it moved in the wind looked so amazing on camera. We explored rocks and caves and walked through the water. The whole shoot was so amazing. From forest, to beach, to cave, the views and subjects looked absolutely perfect. We are so pleased with the way these photos came out, and are so excited about Ariel and Ira’s Wedding on July 11th!