Jennifer and Bryce’s Lake Merritt Engagement Photography

June 30, 2015

Jennifer & Bryce

Lake Merritt Engagement Photography

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Jennifer and Bryce’s Lake Merritt engagement photography by Apollo Fotografie

We had such a lovely time shooting Jennifer and Bryce’s Lake Merritt engagement photography. The photo shoot was really tailored to Jennifer and Bryce’s lifestyle and individual personalities. We began at their home, which was not only a beautiful backdrop for portraits, but was also a meaningful location to start the shoot. They sat on the front stoop of their apartment, and looked so undeniably happy holding each other and laughing. It was contagious!

We moved to Lake Merritt to continue the shoot as the sun was setting. Jennifer’s bright red dress popped in the light of the sun, and she looked so beautiful standing in front of the glistening water.┬áJennifer and Bryce seemed so comfortable together in front of the camera, we knew that we captured real, raw emotion. The sun shone through the trees, and surrounded the couple as they embraced by the lake.

After Lake Merritt, we walked through the streets of Oakland to complete the shoot. Jennifer and Bryce looked amazing, and were dressed to the nines. This was a perfect juxtaposition against the graffiti and street art. The way Jennifer and Bryce looked at each other when they were together gave us chills. The love they felt was undeniable and passionate, and we have the photos to prove it! We are so happy for Jennifer and Bryce, and we couldn’t have been happier with the photos!