Jenny & Mark Paradise Ridge Winery Wedding Photos

May 30, 2016

 Paradise Ridge Winery Wedding Photos

 Jenny & Mark’s Scarlet Vineyard Wedding

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Venue: Paradise Ridge Winery Coordinator: Ali DiLuvio Events Caterer: Hilton Sonoma Wine Country: Nectar Restaurant Officiant: Rose Barboza Photography: Apollo Fotografie Hair & Makeup: Jessica Chen Band: The Vivants


Read The Letter From The Couple


We met freshmen year in college, and started dating in the spring of our sophomore year. We were friends first, then of course there are the nebulous flirtations of indefinite duration, and then finally an official declaration that we are dating and are a couple. It was a long saga – we actually got married around the 9th anniversary of when we “officially” started dating. After college we were all over the place – Mark was working in Seattle, and I was working in Santa Monica. And then eventually Mark started his Masters in Princeton, while I was still in Santa Monica. Then finally, I started law school in Philadelphia, and we were sort of “short distance.” Then FINALLY finally, he moved to Philadelphia to be with me while I finished school, and we moved back here after. We stayed together all that time. One of the many things that knitted us together was, of course, our COCO! I got her in 2010 when I was living in Santa Monica, and since then she’s been taking over our whole world and all our love.

We got engaged in Mark’s parents’ country cabin near Charlotte, NC. The cover story was that for my birthday in June of 2014, I was working for the summer in San Francisco while Mark was still back in Philadelphia, so he said that we’ll celebrate at some point in the fall with a weekend trip. The weekend of November 7th, we went to the cabin for what’s supposed to be my birthday celebration trip. We cooked dinner, and had a relaxing time hanging out with Coco, and then he popped the question! I think neither of us is surprised that we would get married, but the actual moment of the engagement was still a surprise to me.

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