Zaneta and Brian’s Crossfit Engagement Photography

December 3, 2014

Zaneta & Brian

Crossfit Engagement Photography

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Crossfit engagement photography by Apollo Fotografie

We had such an amazing time shooting Zaneta and Brian’s CrossFit engagement photography. It was a unique setting, had a fun vibe, and was really just unlike anything we’ve done before! Zaneta and Brian’s shared love for CrossFit made the photo shoot flow so smoothly and beautifully. It was truly touching to watch two people come together and celebrate not only their love for one another, but their shared hobbies and lifestyles as well.

After taking some amazing shots in the CrossFit gym, we moved over to Lake Merritt to continue the shoot by the water in the golden hour. The sun was setting so beautifully and Zaneta and Brian looked stunning, standing together in the warm light.

We finished off the session by the Grand Lake Theater, where the couple could really shine under the vibrant lights. The sun went down, and rays of pinks, blues, and yellows engulfed Zaneta and Brian as they kissed. All in all it was an amazing shoot with an incredible couple. From CrossFit, to Lake Merritt, and then to the Grand Lake Theater, this Oakland engagement shoot was one of a kind. We are so excited for Zaneta and Brian to continue their lives together, and we can’t wait for the wedding!