Ariel & Ira

Brazilian Room Wedding Photobooth

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Brazilian Room wedding photobooth by Apollo Fotografie

Photobooth rentals are a great way to add some pizzazz to your wedding celebration! We think that you’ll love having a fun backdrop with lots of costumes and signs to encourage people to get silly. Gather your friends and take a funny photo! Photobooth rentals are great for San Francisco weddings, Wine Country weddings, or anywhere around the Bay Area, really. Once the photobooth comes out, the party really gets going. We have such an amazing time watching people let loose! Take a load off, put on a funny hat, a fur coat, and hold up a “I came for the cake” sign. No one’s judging 😉 Photobooth shots are a great addition to your wedding photography. They create versatility and fun, and you won’t be able to stop laughing as you browse through your photos. They’re fun to look at right after the wedding, or 10 years from now. Your grandkids will say, “wow, Grandpa, you looked so good in that feather boa and cowboy hat! You’re so cool!” We hope these photos show you just how fun photobooth rentals can be, and how you can really personalize them to your own style. Your wedding day should be filled with love, joy and happiness, and we have no doubt that the laughter created by a wedding photobooth will be the perfect addition to your big day!